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    12 Boho Interior Design Trends for 2019

    It is no secret that bohemian interiors have been on trend for years. People are bringing their wanderlust indoors whether it be their small-town farmhouse or bachelor apartment in an urban jungle.  

    Boho living is centered in being carefree, and no one likes design rules, but here are our top 12 shortcuts to transforming your living space into a bohemian paradise.

    1. Start Neutral

    With a bohemian space, you want the decor to speak and tell your story.  Starting with neutral colors walls, and flooring will allow you to mix, play and adapt your decor elements.

    Although white is playing it safe, 2019 is opening the door to more color-rich spaces based around pastel colors, or dark grey if you are creating a masculine cozy space with tungsten light.


    2. Macrame Tapestries

    We will get to the hip new trends soon! But there are a few staples to any boho space and macrame is most definitely one of them. From traditional weaves to more modern dip dyed variants - macrame is a timeless art that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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    3. Incorporate Antiques

    Bohemian spaces have a tendency to facilitate rich, open and deep conversations. One of the best ways to prime these conversations is to have interesting decor pieces with history and character. Take a stroll down to your local flea market and pick up what speaks to you - chances are they will speak to your guests.


    4. Plant Hangers

    Especially for those creating their space in an urban jungle, plant hangers are a great way to ensure you are surrounded head to toe in energy inspiring foliage.

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    5. Play with Modern Colours

    As we said, there are no rules! Adding in small modern pieces such as wall art or throw pillows are a great way to make your space unique. It is also a nice way to create continuity if you are creating a single boho room in a larger modern home.

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    6. Hanging Chairs

    There is nothing that calms the soul more than a subtle way. Monday morning coffee or a cozy Sunday book are both better in a cool hanging chair. Choosing a semi-permanent decor piece also has the tendency of making space feel lived in.


    7. Focus on a cozy feeling

    Clean, simple spaces will only take your creativity and relationships so far. You want to create a space that attracts people to come and stay for a while. A nice technique to making people feel comfortable is to scatter cozy blankets or alternative seating around such as a pouf.

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    7. Replace manufactured with nature

    As humans we have evolved to manufacture everything perfectly, stripping out the emotion and connection with nature. To people like you and I, there is no better feeling then adapting nature to do a functional job for us. Some of our favorites are little accents such as geode coasters.


    8. Outdoor furniture, Indoors

    Stemming from the roots of boho spaces is the desire to bridge the gap of indoors and out. One of the best ways to do that brings your favorite outdoor piece inside such as a hammockor well-finished picnic table if you have space. It also gives a feeling of summer to those living through winter.


    9. Funky Mirrors

    More than a function for you and your guests before a night out, incorporating funky mirrors makes your space feel larger while making sure everyone has a spot to do their makeup.

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    10. Raised planters

    Plants for you, plants for me, plants for everybody! If you are anything like us, you pretty much live in a jungle. One of the largest plant trends this year is raised planters. More than unique and funky, they are also quite functional for cleaning and keeping hardwood floors intact.

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    12. Create a space that you love

    This one is all you! Take the leap if you have a desire for a boho living space, but make sure you are creating something that you truly love. Take it from us, there is no better feeling than loving where you live and your happiness is an investment.