2020 Interior Color of The Year

Jumping full-force into 2020, we are all seeking ways of refreshing our space while staying up with the latest trends. Beher paint has released their colour predictions for 2020 and they have officially crowned Back to Nature, a forgiving green-yellow. 

behr color of the year back to nature

Based on articles and press events written about the team who chose the shade, they chose Back to Nature because of its healing-inspired hue. It "signified a feeling of awakening" they hope it will inspire a feeling of calm and peace into your space. 

As our cities become denser, people are spending more time indoors. We all know the health benefits of experiencing nature and by looking at the full 2020 colour palette, it is clear that that they are striving to bring that feeling of nature indoors. Their short commercial makes their inspiration even more clear. 

 Back to Nature IRL

Here is how Back to Nature will look on-wall. 


Our Pairings

Here are some bold choices for those who are fully bought into adding green to their space. 

1. Wall Art

Add a golden accent and go deeper into the emerald tones with our Emerald Marble Print Collection. These will specifically look amazing paired with our Midas Gold Gallery Frames


2. Furniture

Take a leap of faith and add a statement piece to your space with our Balsa Velvet Armchair. You may also want to go full-velvet for your living room - if you are using Back to Nature sparingly, you could also pair your armchair with our Balsa Sofa

3. Rug

Missing a conversation piece? Our Emerald Marble Rug has your covered. Definitely, on the modern side, we only recommend this rug for those who are seeking a bohemian-inspired space with modern touches and not true boho.