How to care for your Turkish Towel

With proper care, your Nomadic Fabric Turkish towel will last your for years, of travel and adventures. In fact, your towel will become much softer and absorbent with time, let's just say they age like a fine wine. 

Turkish cotton is made from a very long, singular fiber which makes it outrageously durable. 

When you get your towel

You will receive your towel unwashed, we recommend letting your towel soak for 12 hours before your first wash to ensure the cotton fibred are fully expanded. making your first use as wonderful as possible. 

Washing your towel

Due to the fast-drying of your Turkish towel, it will not need to be washed as often as a normal towel. When you think it is time to wash, use cold water on a light or gentle cycle. We do not recommend using any detergent or fabric softener. We also recommend washing your towel alone or alongside other Turkish Towels. Hang dry your towel after machine wash, we do not recommend machine drying your towel. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email or reach out via social media.